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This is our primary Gallery of Photos involving the evolution of Chito-Ryu and Goju-Ryu into our Mugoi Gijutsu.  This site honors Soke Burkhardt's Mentor, Teacher and Instructor, Commissioner Henry Slomanski. Feel free to click on the Photos below to enlarge them and get more information.

Masters Collage
Representing the Masters and mentors who helped form Mogoi Gijutsu in its traditional form.
Soke John B Burkhardt
Soke 10th Degree Red Belt Instructor.
Soke Burkhardt's service to the USA
Organizations that helped influence Soke John B Burkhardt.
Lester Whinna and Ken MacAdams
These two men are the highest ranking members under Soke Burkhardt in our organization
2 Black Belts
Shown here is Daneen Whinna' Kressley and Judy Burkhardt.
Daneen Whinna-Kressley
First Woman to receive a First and Second Degree Blackbelt under Mugoi Gijutsu.
Burkhardt and Whinna
John Burkhardt and Lester Whinna teaching at Camden Police Academy, NJ during the 60s. Both of these men are now masters in the art. Burkhardt is Soke and Lester is Han Shi of the 8th Degree.
Gervis Cherry and John Burkhardt
Here John Burkhardt and Gervis Cherry are working out with the 30 moves of Chito-Ryu with the breathing exercises of Goju-Ryu. This was in the year 1963. Nobody else in the world have shown these moves before this date.
More Practice from Gervis and John
Here you see a continuation of this blended art between Goju-Ryu and Chito-Ryu. These practices were done outside of the barracks at Fort Benning GA, 1963.
Bob Springer and John Burkhardt
Here Bob Springer is delivering a full power punch to the solar plexus of John Burkhardt while he is in full breathing form using Ki. Please NOTE the significance of the Goju-Ryu Fist displayed on the wall of the first DoJo, School of Self Defense, Main Instructor John Burkhardt.
One of the first mens classes at the School of Self Defense in Gloucester NJ. Included amongst the students is Ken MacAdams, now a 3rd Degree Blackbelt and 3rd highest position in Mugoi Gijutsu.
Elvis's Pin
Please note the Chito-Ryu pin worn by Elvis Presley. This pin was given to him personally by Commissioner Henry Slomanski. Henry was the highest ranking belt in the world.
Henry Slomanski's Certificate
This shows a copy of the original certificate awarded to Henry Slomanski after winning the matches in 1956 in Japan. It declares him commissioner of the US, Hawaii and Surrounding territories. Eventually he became the the #1 ranking belt in the world after the deaths of Grand Masters T. Chitose and G. Yamaguchi, in the Goju-Ryu & Old Style Chito-Ryu. The seal shown above center, represents the Kempo Karate Do Seal.
Henry Slomanski's Japanese ID
This is a photo ID of Commissioner Henry Slomanski detailing his Authority.
Henry Slomanski ID in English
This ID is is the english translation of the previous Photo ID showing Henry's Authority. Also note the seal in the upper right corner is the same as on both Elvis and Soke John Burkhardt's Certificates.
Elvis Presley 1st Degree Certificate
This shows Elvis's first degree black belt in 1960. The signature seal are by Henry Slomanski. He was so proud of the cards that he carried them with him till the day he died. These cards solidify the connection with Elvis and Soke John Burkhardt, both having the same instructor & unique connection with Henry Slomanski.
Soke John Burkhardt's Certificate
This shows the 4th Degree Instructors License Awarded by Commissioner Henry Slomanski to John Burkhardt. Note the signature and seal of Henry Slomanski are the same as on Elvis's certificate. The additional seal represents the rank & title bestowed to John Burkhardt. No one else in the world that is still alive has this connection to Elvis. As they both have the same instructor in Martial Arts.
Elvis Presley 2nd Degree Certificate
This shows the 2nd degree black belt issued to Elvis by Commissioner Henry Slomanski. Note Henry Slomanski's signature and seal are the same as Soke Burkhardt's Certificate.
Melvin Sauer
This is Sgt Melvin Sauer. He holds the rank of 4th degree Master Instructor. He is Commissioner Henry Slomanskie's "Go To" #1 man in Karate. He trained and instructed Elvis Presley for his 1st and 2nd degree black belt. Myself for my 4th Degree instructors licence.
Mugoi Gijutsu Seal
This is the Seal that represents the Mugoi Gijutsu Karate Do Federation. The seal imprint on the left represents Hanshi Lester Whinna and the right side represents Soke John Burkhardt.
Kempo Karate Do Pin
On this Belt Buckle you will see the seal that represents Kempo Karate Do, which is a Budo sport that teaches you to use your body instead of weaponry. The original pin was given to Slomanski by Chitose in 1956. Henry gave a replica to Melvin Sauer. Melvin then had two identical pins made for Gervis Cherry and Burkhardt for the accomplishment of receiving their belts from Slomanski. Soke Burkhardt had his made into a belt buckle and considers this pin to be the most valuable item he has received
Seal of Soke John Burkhardt
This is the Seal of Soke John Burkhardt
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Mugoi Gijutsu Seal

This is the Seal that represents the Mugoi Gijutsu Karate Do Federation. The seal imprint on the left represents Hanshi Lester Whinna and the right side represents Soke John Burkhardt.