If your browser will allow speed changes to these videos feel free to use this feature as a training guide and assistant. Soke John Burkhardt.

Within this video are Katas done by Bob Hill and Jim Mulligan.  Primarily this video shows Ken Mac Adams and Soke Burkhardt working out within the School of Self Defence. Note how Soke Burkhardt is absorbing full power punches under Goju-Ryu and Chito-Ryu.

This shows the class of self defense for police officers given by Soke Burkhardt in West Deptford NJ. They demonstrate 1-30 moves dealing with Goju-Ryu and Chito-Ryu Karate.

1963 Fort Benning GA. 1-30 moves in Goju-Ryu and Chito-Ryu practiced by Gervis Cherry and John Burkhardt. 

Henry Slomanski appearing on the show "To Tell The Truth" in 1959. In this episode the first imposter to the left is wearing Henry's Gi showing the Goju-Ryu fist. This shows that Henry both learned and taught his students under the Goju-Ryu style Karate. He is also wearing the tri-color belt. The one and only Tri-colored belt. This is the same belt given to Elvis Presley for his accomplishments. To my knowledge nobody has yet found this belt and precious gift.